Beyond Building Barcelona is the largest reunion of the construction sector and associated industries in Spain, Southern Europe, Northern Africa, and Latin America.
The Pavilion of Innovation 2015 in Beyond Building Barcelona, curated by IAAC | Fab Lab Barcelona, presents new ideas and construction paradigms emerging from international excellence in research and pilot projects, forming the basis of future buildings and cities. It aims to bring together world class projects in the fields of research and education, in a physical and online exhibition that has been hosted in the Fire de Barcelona. Novel and reactive materials, advanced digital/robotic manufacturing techniques and responsive environments are the key topics presented, that will be shaping the future of the building industry.
BEYOND becomes the tool to identify innovative projects of excellence developed within institutes, academies and other research centers, constructing the bridge connecting innovation with the industry and businesses.
The Pavilion of Innovation 2015 also hosted events such as a symposium and round table, where pioneer architects and designers discussed about the future technologies and innovation in construction. Moreover, it hosted a series of educational workshops open for both professionals and students.


A limited number of pioneer academic research projects as well as professional built projects and prototypes has been exposed within the Pavilion of Innovation 2015. The aim was to offer a matchmaking space for research and innovative projects to meet construction and technology companies, constructing the bridge connecting innovation with the industry and businesses, and bringing possibilities for projects to be implemented in real world developments.
14 professional projects, as well as 26 research projects from international academies and institutions have been selected to be exhibited in the Pavilion of innovation 2015. 11 of the academic projects came from The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and the remaining 15 has been selected by an international selection committee from the open CALL FOR PROJECTS: BEYOND | the next boundaries of construction, which has been organized by IAAC and Fab Lab Barcelona, in partnership with Beyond Building Barcelona and Fira de Barcelona.
The key topics presented in the Pavilion of Innovation 2015 are the following:

1_Responsive environments
2_Rapid Prototyping
3_Programmable Matter
4_Distributed manufacturing



The Pavilion of Innovation 2015 took place in Fira de Barcelona – Gran Via Venue – Pavilion No 2. The total area of the exhibition is 700 square meters, where the aforementioned 40 projects has been exhibited accompanied by 4 big wall projections, explaining the evolution of construction through ages.

The design of the exhibition has been based on a recursive subdivision algorithm that splits the 3D space in bigger and smaller parts. In such a way, a flexible exhibition area has been generated, capable of hosting exhibits of different scales. The movement of the visitors and the 11 big areas of interest set the input parameters of the design, maintaining paths around the different groups of exhibits, based on their thematology.

The exhibits have been placed on two different sized rectangular modules that consist of aluminum square section tubes and wooden knots. The knots is a Japanese joinery system that has been milled with a CNC machine from Teak wood. Different sized modules of different heights have been grouped together forming distinctive families.



Alastair Parvin  |  Designer of WikiHouse | London, UK
Anupama KundooFounder of Anupama Kundoo Architects | Madrid, Spain
Claudia PasqueroCo-founder of ecoLogicStudio | London, UK
Enric Ruiz GeliFounder of Cloud 9 | Barcelona, Spain
Eva GladekFounder of Metabolic | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Fabian Scheurer Founder of Design to Production | Stuttgart, Germany
Hernan Diaz AlonsoDirector of Xefirotarch | Los Angeles, United States
Mark Burry |  Professor of Urban Futures, University of Melbourne, Australia,  Senior Architect of   the Sagrada Familia Basilica architectural team  |  Melbourne, Australia
Philippe Block |  Founder of BLOCK Research Group, ETH | Zurich, Switzerland
Skylar Tibbits  |  Director of Self-Assembly Lab, MIT | Boston, United States



Adaptive solar façade / ETH
Breathing wall / University of Southern California
ElBulli / Cloud 9
Media – Tic / Cloud 9
Moss Voltaics / IAAC
Bio ceramic Systems / IAAC
FB720 glazing / UPC
Urban Algae Folly / Ecologic studio
Soft Skin / IAAC
Theme Pavilion EXPO Yeosu / SOMA

A degree of freedom / National School of Architecture Paris-Malaquais
Fluid Assembly_Chair / MIT_Self-assembly Lab
Hydroceramic / IAAC
Hygro Skin / University of Stuttgart_ICD
Bloom / DOSU
Silk pavilion / MIT_Media Lab
Translated Geometries / IAAC
Remembrane / IAAC

Wiki House / Alastair Parvin, Nick Ierodiaconou
Fab lab House / IAAC
Endesa pavilion / IAAC

Big Delta / WASP
Building Bytes / Kent State College of Architecture
D-Shape_Building Blocks / D-Shape
Research Pavilion / ICD-ITKE
Mataerial / IAAC
Minibuilders / IAAC
Pixel Stone / The Bartlett School of Architecture
Solar Bytes / Kent State College of Architecture
Sand Print / The Bartlett School of Architecture
Augmented Skin / The Bartlett School of Architecture
Adaptive Mould / Adapa Aps
Wired / Architectural Association_DRL
Bioplastic Morphologies / Univrsity of Westminster                                        
Basilica Sagrada Familia / Sagrada Familia, RMIT
Pylos / IAAC
Brick-Topia / Map13 Barcelona
Fibrous Tectonics / MIT_Self Assembly Lab
Proto/Eco/Logic / University of Innsbruck