NOISE FIELD is an open code developed for the Textile Academy‘s class of Computational Couture, taught by Aldo Sollazzo. This code is inspired by Behnaz Farahi’s project “Caress of the Gaze”.

authors: aldo sollazzo, eugenio bettucchi
main plugins: 4d Noise


MESH EROSION is simulating the action of physical or mechanical erosion on a given mesh geometry. The entire process is based on manipulating mesh vertex normals according to the proximity of each single agent slicing over the geometry.

authors: aldo sollazzo, eugenio bettucchi, matteo lomaglio
main plugins: anemone, boid, python, heteroptera, boid.


DISCRETE VARIABLES can be defined as a finite number of permitted values. Associated to agent based logics, we consider as discrete the imposition of a limited range of possible movements (variables) each agent can choose.

authors: aldo sollazzo, eugenio bettucchi
contributors: alessio erioli from co-de-it, michael pryor from design morphine
main plugins: anemone, boid


RECURSION in mathematics and computer science, is a method of defining functions in which the function being defined is applied within its own definition. This definition perform a recursive subdivision on a icosahedral mesh.

author: aldo sollazzo
main plugins: anemone


NERO allows you to visualize “Normalized Difference Vegetation Index” (NDVI) values from the each pixel of the image,  extracting data from a single Image (JPEG, TIFF format).

authors: starsk lara, aldo sollazzo
main plugin: nero


Folding constitutes a spatial composition that generates differentiation by maintaining a continuity. The position of one specific fold in the larger network is driven by the global morphology, the flexibility of the joint, the act of folding and the gravity acting onto it, increasing or decreasing the fold.  This definition explore origami techniques translated into grasshopper.

author: efilena baseta
main plugin: kangaroo

All definitions of this page are visualized through Speckle, a grasshopper3d add-on developed by Dimitrie Andrei Stefanescu