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On the 22nd & 23rd of June 2015, Iaac has organised the First IAAC Global Alumni Meeting to share stories and developments and the Networking & Learning day followed by Exhibition & Symposium. Noumena has been invited as a speaker to talk about  Research as one of the discussion topics for the symposium hosted by IAAC, open to the public of Barcelona, towards the promotion of this Network and its development in the city of Barcelona. We were also part of the exhibition amongst many other pioneer projects developed by the IAAC Alumni Global Network, after studying in IAAC, has been selected for an Exhibition hosted by IAAC, as well as being featured in the Exhibition Catalogue, given to the alumni present at the Exhibition as a token of gratitude.

Here are some Images about the 1st IAAC Alumni Meeting // WORKING MEETING @ Can Valldaura and from the 1st IAAC Alumni Meeting // SYMPOSIUM @ IaaC

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