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ACADIA conference 2016 | Material Frontiers 2: Synthetic Biologies

Aldo Sollazzo will be a speaker of ACADIA conference 2016 // POSTHUMAN FRONTIERS: Data, Designers and Cognitive Machines, that will take place in University of Michigan Taubman College // Ann Arbor, Michigan, from the 27th to the 29th of October. His paper is going to be presented on Saturday the 29th, in the session 13 entitled “Material Frontiers 2: Synthetic Biologies”, where he will elaborate on the topic of the implementation of physical computing, computational analysis and digital fabrication for the design and optimization of an efficient soil remediation strategy using mycelium. The presented paper, “Symbiotic Associations”, focuses on the development of a methodology for capturing and modelling the growth of the mycelium fungus using photogrammetry based 3D scanning and computational analysis. It is a first step towards the development of an automated soil decontamination process, using an optimized bio-cell fungus seed that can be remotely populated through aerial transportation.
Co Authors: Efilena Baseta, Angelos Chronis

Session Chair & introduction:
Matias del Campo

Aldo Sollazzo | Symbiotic Associations
Dr. Alberto Estevez |Towards Genetic Posthuman Frontiers in Architecture & Design
Dr. Martyn Dade-Roberston | Thinking Soils (A synthetic biology approach to material-based design computation)
Luke Franzke | Fluid Morphologies
Tiziano Derme | Growth Based Fabrication Techniques for Bacterial Cellulose

Find the program of the conference here:

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ACADIA conference 2016 | Material Frontiers 2: Synthetic Biologies