Nowadays computational design and digital fabrication are becoming ones of the main tools that empower design practice and allow to iterate on design decision testing variations of a simple idea. From construction to wearable technology, these tools are becoming more and more necessary in the design field as well in the production practices.


The keywords of this workshop are “parametric drawing” and “digital fabrication”. In the first 3h the participants will discover the bases of the modeling and the parameterization of objects Next module will explain how to make with the use of the 3d printer “Wasp Delta 3mt “, some of the designs developed by the students. The objective is to teach and give the bases to the participants of a typology of project workflow: from the ideation until the realization of the object. Each student will learn to face all the phases that lead to the realization of a prototype


The design process will be coded in digital tools, based on Rhino/ Grasshopper with plugins such as Kangaroo and Weaverbird that will help during the desin process. The generated codes will be translated into physical prototypes digitally fabricated, optimizing design criteria with fabrication strategies using Delta Wasp 3D printers from the “Small” 2040 printing in PLA to the “BIG” Delta 3MT printing with natural clay


Parametric design
Model slicing
Gcode preparation
3D printing
Physical prototypes


Morning / Thursday 10:00 – 13:00
Introduction to Rhino & Grasshopper
Design session
Introduction to 3D printing
Slicing – Preparation of the model

Afternoon / Thursday 14:00 – 17:00
3D printing with Delta Wasp Turbo 2040 with PLA on fabric
3D printing with Delta Wasp 4070 Industrial with PLA
3D printing with Delta Wasp 3MT  with clay



Basic modelling skills are required. No specific Grasshopper skills are required (although an introductory knowledge of grasshopper is welcome). Participants should bring their own laptop with a pre-installed software. The software package needed has no additional cost for the participant. Rhino can be downloaded as evaluation version, Grasshopper and plugins are free. These softwares are subject to frequent updates, so a download link to the version used in the workshop will be sent to the participants few days before the workshop.


Ricardo Arveras

Amanda Coll Gil

Amanda Pérez

Nuria Grau Bonet

Cristina Monmany

Elena Galicia

Roseyeli Linares

Daria Veovodina

Alice Chiappini

Paloma Algarra

Vianella Maestra

Leticia Mut

Tatiana Giraldo

Maria Canyelles

Shenying He

PROSPECT DESIGN: BIG 3D printing course

22  of February  2018 

Wasp Hub Barcelona – Noumena | Barcelona

LCI Barcelona

PROSPECT DESIGN BIG 3d print course 

22 of February 2018

Wasp Hub BCN @ Noumena | Barcelona

LCI Barcelona


Eugenio Bettucchi has a degree in  Building Engineering and Architecture from Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna, Italy.  He developed his thesis focusing on robotic material deposition based on real-time feedback between digital simulation and physical environment. Actually he is senior designer at Noumena and his interests and skills lie in computational design, digital fabrication and the way of which these systems interact. During his studies, he assisted several seminar and courses as external faculty at IaaC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) and collaborated in many workshops and research projects in international events related to computational and fabrication topics.

Marco Sanalitro is an architect graduated in 2010 from the Faculty of Architecture “L. Quaroni” in Rome University “La Sapienza”. He has worked in several architectural Studios in Italy, Spain and Portugal where he was involved in research, design and urban projects. He has obtained a Fab Academy Diploma in 2015. He has worked as a Community Manager, Technical Manager, Design and Planning Consultant, Digital Fabrication Expert other than as educator, managing professional courses and workshops of digital fabrication at the Fab Lab Lazio (Italy) and for private companies. Currently, he is the Fab Lab Barcelona Communication Manager, collaborates with Noumena s.l. and he is Technical Manager of Wasp Hub BCN.

Laura Civetti is a designer graduated from Interior Design at IED (Instituto Europeo di Design), in Milan. Interested in the new scenarios between the emerging technologies and fashion design, Laura attended a course at Central Saint Martins School in London and did her internship at Iris Van Herpen Atelier in Amsterdam. Since 2016 she is part of the Wearable Technology team of “Noumena – Design Research Education” and coordinator of “Reshape – Digital craft community”. Simultaneously, Laura is part of Fabricademy course in Barcelona.


Workshop Location is Wasp Hub Barcelona inside Noumena | Barcelona