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The 35th eCAADe – ‘Sharing Computational Knowledge’ annual international conference was hosted by La Sapienza University in Rome between 20th – 22nd September 2017. Academicians, professionals, researchers, students, innovation factories… were invited to further shake up and boost the innovative and beloved CAAD world with new ideas, paradigms and points of view. Design strategies and biomimicry, Design tools and agent-based systems, Digital fabrication and robotics, Material studies, Responsive environments and smart spaces, Virtual and augmented reality and Web based design are some of the topics that will be presented in Rome.
Noumena participated with 2 papers in the section of ”Material Studies – Methodologies” and ”Space performance” which were presented on the 20th and 21st of September accordingly. The first paper discusses a computer generated photoreactive garment with embedded material knowledge presented by Efilena Baseta and the second paper, focusing on MACHINIC AGENCY and Implementing aerial robotics and machine learning to map public space will be presented by Aldo Sollazzo. Finally, Noumena was a technical sponsor of the conference.

Find the programme of the conference here.

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