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Datascape [FEST] is a series of lectures, experiences and workshops organized by Volumes Coworking Datascape and Design By Data, which is held in Paris from January to March 2017.
Aldo Sollazzo (founder of Noumena) is one of the curators, with Francesco Cingolani, Wolf Ka, Claudio Cavallari, Sophie Chauvin, Jàn Pernecky, Mikhaël Arroyo and Michele Brusasca; among the partners of the event you can find the École des ParisTech, rese arch, WoMa fabrique de quartier, Atelier Figura/Sfondo and Makers Market.
Datascape [FEST] wants to investigate the relations between technology and creativity gathering experts, students, professionals and companies in the fields of computational design, digital arts, advanced manufacturing and architecture.

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