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FAB LAB | la revolution est en marche (Book Publication)

We are very happy to see the first version of NERO project (a.k.a FabDrone and FabGimbal) to be part of the recently published book “FAB LAB | la revolution est en marche”. This project has started during Fab Academy 2014 at Fab Lab Barcelona,

The book is curated by Massimo Menichinelli and collaboration between Pyramyd Editions and SHS publishing. It explains to a broader public the intent, use and vision of Fab Labs. Moreover, it is a showcase of the best and latest services, collaborations, objects and projects created inside Fab Labs worldwide.

This book clearly explains what Neil Gershenfeld has said in his recent talk at TEDxCERN.

“If I say manufacturing you think about a situation where you leave home, to go a place you don’t want to be, making something designed by someone you don’t know, for someone you’ll never see, doing something you don’t want to do, to get money, to then get something that you want. What if you could just make what you want and this revolution could change the way our economy works!!”

Get your copy here; NERO | Book Publication

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FAB LAB | la revolution est en marche (Book Publication)