The seminar has been initiated by the Urban Morphogenesis Lab BPro Bartlett UCL, will take place at Noumena in Barcelona and will see the participation of the Synthetic Landscape Lab Innsbruck; we will explore the materiality of 3D printed fibrous assemblage as spatio-temporal formation with a focus on the exploration of their emergent aesthetic language.


Philosophically we will look at ‘The Absurd’ as way to define the conflict between the human tendency to seek inherent value and meaning in life and the human inability to find any. In this context absurd does not mean ‘logically impossible’, but rather ‘humanly impossible’. The universe and the human mind do not each separately cause ‘the Absurd’, but rather, ‘the Absurd’ arises by the contradictory nature of the two existing simultaneously.

From this stand point we will question how to mobilize artificial and biological intelligence in search of a new mode of reasoning and therefore designing within a complex milieu where multiple degrees of stability, instability as well as diversity coexist; aiming to transform the act of design into the possibility to hack into natural as well as artificial morphogenetic processes, in real time and designate novel realms of operations.


Methodologically we will develop a series of 3D-dimensional models of 1:1 fibrous assemblages describing minimized path systems. The Assemblage is organized on three hierarchical levels; the first level responds to structural logic where each path represents the trajectory of forces reaching the ground. The second level describes communication systems of information, matter and energy where each path originates from areas of storage to areas of delivery. Third describes real time trajectories of living fabrication machines, such silk worms, spiders or bacteria.


The seminar will focus on translating such path systems and their spline language into a g-code that can be read and can control the movement of the extruding nozzle of a wasp 3D printing machine. As the nozzle move in space describes another set of trajectories, depositing filaments of plastic, the fibrous analogue of the original path.

Layer after layer analogue fibrous assemblages will emerge with their own material and spatial properties determined by the combined effect of the machine interpretation of the original code as well as properties of the molten plastic.

Our final output will be a set of superabundant fibrous assemblages which emphasize fluidity, ex-changeability, and multiple functionalities. The relationship of component parts are not stable and fixed; rather, they can be misplaced, replaced and recombined to reach the unknown


Large scale 3D printing
Fibrous assemblage


Day 1 / Tuesday, March 20th, 10:00 – 21:00
Introduction to 3D printing and DELTA WASP 3D printers
Introduction to material properties
Working session
3D printing session
Lecture: Eduard Cabay

Day 2 / Wednesday,  March 21th, 10:00 – 21:00
Working session
3D printing session

Day 3 / Thursday,  March 22th, 10:00 – 21:00
3D printing session
Mid review
Lecture: Aldo Sollazzo

Day 4/ Friday,  March 23th, 10:00 – 21:00
3D printing session
Lecture: Carmelo Zappulla

Day 5 / Saturday, March 24th, 10:00 – 21:00
3D printing session
Final Jury

Fibrous Assemblage:
‘The Absurd’ language of machine

20-24  of March  2018

Noumena | Barcelona
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 690,
08010, Barcelona, Spain

Urban Morphogenesis Lab – The Bartlett UCL
Wasp Hub BCN
Synthetic Landscape Lab – Innsbruck University


Urban Morphogenesis Lab – The Bartlett UCL

Claudia Pasquero                       Filippo Nassetti

Synthetic Landscape Lab Innsbruck University

Maria Kuptsova

Noumena – Wasp Hub BCN

Aldo Sollazzo                             Starsky Lara                               Marco Sanalitro                         Eugenio Bettucchi


Eduard Cabay                              Firas Safieddine                      Carmelo Zappulla


Areti Markopoulou                     Laia Mogas-Soldevila               Silvia Brandi                               Mireia Luzarraga

Rodrigo Aguirre                          Stuart Maggs


Rc16 Urban Morphogenesis Lab The Bartlett UCL Students:

Xiaojun Liang
Mengxuan Li
Xiaoying Zhang
Haoyi Chen
Xian Guo
Chia-wei Yang
Weiyue Fu
Fei Fei
Jiayi Tu
Qing Qin
Xiao Tan
Xueyan Zhang
Zaozao Wang

Synthetic Landscape Lab Innsbruck University Students:

Alexander Rose
Emiliano Rando
Jens Burkart
Joy Boulois
Manuel Perkmann
Stephanie Mendanha de Rocha


The workshop is going to take place inside Noumena | Barcelona