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The InnoChain network is a shared research training environment examining how advances in digital design tools challenge building culture enabling sustainable, informed and materially smart design solutions. Between 7th and 8th of March 2017, the First Year Colloquium of InnoChain will take place in Vienna. It is a shared evaluation event in which all early stage researchers (ESRs) present their research questions and methodologies and Efilena Baseta, as an Innochain ESR of Angewandte, will present her research ‘Simulating Anisotropic Material’.
Moreover, design probes of all ESRs will be exhibited in Angewandte Innovation Laboratory until the 20th of March. The exhibition has been designed by Noumena, in collaboration with Angewandte and Karamba team.

The Colloquium is organised around three sessions presenting the three Work Packages, where keynote speakers will give a lecture to open up each research field:

– WP3 Communicating Design
– WP4 Simulating for Design
– WP5 Materialising Design


See below the detailed programme of the event:

Tuesday 7th of March

10:00 WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION: Rector Gerald Bast, Klaus Bollinger, IoA

SESSION 1: WP3 Communicating Design / Chair Jan Knippers, ITKE / Martin Tamke, CITA
10:30 Evy Slabbinck, Integrating Isogeometric Analysis, ITKE, BIG, McNeel
11:30 Tom Svillans, Integrating Material Performance, CITA, Bluhmer Lehmann, White
12:30 Angelos Chronis, Building Physics for Performance Control, IAAC, McNeel, Foster+

13:30 LUNCH

14:30 Zeynep Aksoz, Multi-criteria Optimisation in Early Design Phase, IOA, Str.ucture, BIG
15:30 Dimitrie A. Stefanescu, Alternate means to Communicate Measure, BSA, HENN, HENN
16:30 Discussion perspectives and opportunities for synergy between projects

17:00 COFFEE

SESSION 2: WP4 Simulating for Design /Chair Ulrika Knagenhielm-Karlsson, KTH

17:30 Paul Poinet, Multi Scalar Modelling for Building Design, CITA, Buro Happold, designtoproduction
18:30 Efilena Baseta, Simulating Anisotropic Material, IOA, Cloud 9, Bluhmer Lehman

19:30 BREAK

20:00 KEYNOTE 1: Clemens Preisinger, IoA

Wednesday 8th of March


SESSION 2, continued

09:00 James Solly, Virtual Prototyping FRP, ITKE, S-Form, Foster+
10:00 Vasily Sitnikov, Simulating concrete formwork, KTH, Buro Happold, Buro Happold
11:00 Giulio Brugnaro, Simulating robotic feedback, BSA, ROK-Office, BIG
12:00 Discussion perspectives and opportunities for synergy between projects

12:30 LUNCH

SESSION 3: WP5 Materialising Design / Chair Bob Sheil, BSA

13:30 Helena Westerlind, Concrete Printing, KTH, Factum Arte, White
14:30 Saman Saffarian, Material Gradient FRP, ITKE, Str.ucture, S-Form

15:30 COFFEE

16:00 Arthur Prior, Applied robotics – Controlled Material Deposition, BSA, Foster+, Buro Happold.
17:00 Stephanie Chaltiel, Small scale robotic manufacturing for large scale, IAAC, Cloud 9, ROK-Office
18:00 Discussion perspectives and opportunities for synergy between projects

19:30 BREAK

20:00 KEYNOTE 2: Mark Burry, RMIT

Venue: Angewandte Innovation Laboratory, Franz Josefs Kai 3, 1010 Vienna, Austria.

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