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IN(3D)USTRY | From Needs to Solutions

Together with IAAC team in Barcelona, we are organising a unique event called IN(3D)USTRY related with the impact of the advanced manufacturing technologies in the future of architecture and cities.

The event is organised by IAAC and the Fab City Research Laboratory, in partnership with Fira Barcelona and  in collaboration with NOUMENA, will take place in Barcelona, Spain on the 21 -23 June 2016.

IN(3D)USTRY From Needs to Solutions is a premium event featuring the world’s top additive and advanced manufacturing companies along with leading companies from four vertical sectors – Health,  Automotive & Aerospace,  Architecture and Retail & Consumer Goods.

We invite you to discover the latest innovations in Additive & Advanced manufacturing industry followed by the symposium of worlds leading key innovators;

Mark Burry – Chief architect of Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Patrik Schumacher – Partner of Zaha Hadid Firm

Robert Stuart Smith – k o k k u g i a | Design Director & AADRL (Ma. Arch + Urbanism) Studio Course Master

More to be announced!!

More info Here; IN(3D)USTRY

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IN(3D)USTRY | From Needs to Solutions