Between the 21st until the 23rd of June 2016, Fira Barcelona hosted in Barcelona the premiere of IN(3D)USTRY From Needs to Solutions. The international event focused on the contemporary hypostasis of Additive and Advanced Manufacturing. It was designed to act as a “global hub”, showcasing latest technology and aiding the networking between the people developing and enhancing it. It revolved around technology in fields such as architecture, the automotive industry, health and consumer products.

The first edition of IN(3D)USTRY From Needs to Solutions featured 30 of the world’s top Additive and Advanced Manufacturing companies. The Maker Pro zone, dedicated to the maker community and inaugurated by internet pioneer Vinton Cerf, showcased more than 50 projects.

The Maker Pro zone was coordinated by Tomas Diez, director of Fab City Research Laboratory at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC). The many projects featured were designed using advanced manufacturing technologies, collaborative processes and an open-source philosophy, bringing together international teams and including the maker phenomenology within workshops, exhibitions and lectures. The purpose is to educate broader audiences towards the potential of additive and advanced manufacturing.

In3dustry Featuring the World’s Top Additive and Advanced Manufacturing companies along with leading companies mainly focused on B2B strategy; Four user sectors – Healthcare, Automotive & Aeronautics, Retail & Consumer Goods and Architecture & Habitat and B2C strategy; a maker pro area of In3dustry arena which is more focused on global makers movement, transforming business and industry in unprecedented ways.


As a part of the design strategy, the Maker Pro area has been designed with the idea of expressing explicitly, coherence of think, make, and use. The total area for the Maker Pro is 400 sqmt, which includes; space for the productive debates, talks and workshop area which represents thinking procedure; accompanied by the space for making ideas that includes all the machineries for the rapid prototyping; followed by the exhibition are, which includes 50 different revolutionary projects has been developed by different fablabs and makers around the world. The idea is to bring together advanced manufacturing industry leaders with young creators and pioneers who are transforming the way products are conceived and made. Maker pro area also includes the big screen along side the exhibition, explaining the evolution of maker’s movement through out time.

The design of the exhibition has been based on hexagonal grid. Each hexagon grid represents one table modules, which are placed together in way that fragments the whole space in different size clusters. These clusters generate flexible exhibition area, capable of hosting exhibits of different scales based on the nature of the exhibits. The movement of the visitors and the clusters are considered as main constraints of the design, creating flow of movement around different groups of exhibits.

Each hexagon module was designed with bespoke CNC milled wooden node, connecting three aluminum square section making a triangle at the base that shifts at the top creating a twisted modules base with high quality white plywood on top. Many of these hexagon modules together creating different size clusters, while maintaining the flow of movement throughout the exhibition.


The first edition of IN(3D)USTRY From Needs to Solutions featured 30 of the world’s top Additive and Advanced Manufacturing companies. Over 100 experts were invited as speakers to the event, featuring guests such as Francis Bitonti, Mark Burry, Xavier De Kestelier of Foster & Partners, Jorge Duro-Royo of MIT, Nils Fischer of Zaha Hadid Architects and Prisca Vilsbol and Paul Sohi of Autodesk. The Maker Pro zone, dedicated to the maker community and inaugurated by internet pioneer Vinton Cerf, showcased more than 50 projects.


Out of the projects featured, more than 20 were submitted by participants in Fab Academy, a programme which brings together more than 70 Fab Labs worldwide, connected online, with projects ranging from new materials to applications in the field of health, automobiles, retail and everyday life, featuring initiatives for being able to print GPS maps in 3D, gaming technology for children, photos in hyperreality, customised noise, humidity and temperature sensors connected to smartphones and tailor-made limb immobilisers connected to a traumatologist.

Other projects included a selection of works from students at IAAC, Fab Lab Barcelona, Plymouth College of Art, and ENSCI Paris, which showcased their projects linking traditional design methodology with advanced and additive manufacturing as part of the European Union’s Made@EU programme. The Wevolver open-source initiatives platform was also featured, including an array of projects focusing on drones, robots prosthetics and textile manufacturing and 3D Printing.


The event also hosted the final sessions of the IMPRIMIDA workshop by Noumena, merging computational design, physical computing and digital fabrication in order to augment the perceptive and interactive possibilities of the body with the environment, through embedded sensors. The initiative was born in the Fab Lab Barcelona, but continued its existence at Sónar+D, the Barcelona music festival.


Mataerial / Sasa Jorik, Petr Novikov in collaboration with Joris Laarman Labiaac / IAAC
Minibuilders / Sasa Jorik, Petr Novikov, Shihui Jin, Stuart Maggs, Cristina Nan, Dori Sadan / IAAC
Phriends for Shell / Robert Staples, Fabiana Nacife, Fernando Castilho, Fabio Della Barba Menezes, Catherine Simakova / IAAC
Amalgamma / Alvaro Lopez Rodriguez, Francesca Camilleri, Nada Doukhi, Roman Strukov / The Bartlett AD
Curvovoxels / Hyunchul Kwon, Amreen Kaleel, Xiaolin / The Bartlett AD
Star Lounge / Ronald Rael, Virginia San Fratello, Mona Gandhi ONALD / EMERGING OBJECTS

Pylos / Sofoklis Giannakopolos / IAAC
Bio Scaffold / Natalie Alima / IAAC
Living Screen / Irina Shaklova / IAAC
Kaleidoscope / Dulce Luna / IAAC
Moss Voltaics / Lena Mitrofanova / IAAC
Hydromembrane / Luisa Roth / IAAC
Algaetecture / Andre Resende, Mohamad Atab, Hsin Li,Stefan Fotev, Sureshkumar Kumaravel, Yasamin Khalilbeigi / IAAC
Piel Vivo /Noor El-Gewely, Lili Tayefi, Christopher Wong / IAAC
Acciona / Acciona / IAAC
Building Bytes / Brian Peters / DATA – CLAY / DESIGNLABWORKSHOP

Remembrane / Ji Won Jun, Jospe Alcover, Matteo Silverio / IAAC
Translated Geometries / Efilena Baseta, Ece Tankal, Ramin Shambayati /IAAC
Slip Screen / Joshua G. Stein, Radical Craft and Matthew Gillis / Gillis

IN(3D)USTRY from Needs to Solutions// Maker Pro area, Architecture & Habitat
21st – 23 rd June 2016
Italian Pavilion, Fira de Barcelona Montjuïc, Barcelona

GE imagination at work
Architecture & Habitat Panel
Manufacturing the Future
17TH JUNE 2016
23RD JUNE 2016