by noumena


NOUMENA, has been invited to take a workshop about NERO | networking environmental robotics by Ecole Nationalle Superieure de Paris Malaquais (ENSAPM), and Digital Department in Paris, France as a part of annual seminar Intensif Numerique 2015 – Digital Design Workshop.

The course will be structured in multiple phases, generating a dynamic workflow from digital to analog and vice versa, in order to offer a complete firsthand experience with aerial robotics, data mapping and data visualization. Aim of the workshop is to create a theoretical and experimental framework, based mostly on open-source tools, with the scope of extracting data from the air to better understand the environment and intervene in design intentions.

Main tool of the course will be NERO, an open-source drone developed by Noumena and already presented in several international events and exhibitions such as Fab10, Maker Faire Rome, and Beyond Building Barcelona/Construmat.


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