The Fab Linkage in Madrid resulted in 6 projects, focusing on digital fabrication techniques and merging together teams from Spain and Italy, representing various international FabLabs.


From the 30th of March to the 1st of April the Team of the Coordinators and the representatives of the 13 projects selected for the first edition of ITmakES – The Fab Linkage came together in Madrid to collaborate and create new connections between the Italian and the Spanish FabLabs. The projects were selected by a committee headed by Noumena founder, Aldo Sollazzo, after an open call for entries.

The Fab Linkage, part of the ItmakES project, is organized by the Italian Embassy in Spain and is coordinated by Noumena. It brings together laboratories from Italian and Spanish such as Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Cagliari, Lecce, Madrid, Malaga, Milan, Rome and Valencia. It is part of the integration promotion strategy of the Foreign Ministry nammed “Vivere all’italiana” (tr. Living the Italian way). According to ambassador Stefano Sannino it will “strenghten ties between the communities of Italian and Spanish makers through creative practice, creating a real and transnational network of digital fabrication”.


The original 13 teams merged into 6 six groups, bringing outside collaborators. Starting from the winning entries, they developed their projects furthermore, taking use of the skills of the new partners. They took part at the 3 days of workshop placed in 3 different locations: MediaLab Prado, Makespace and FabLab IED Madrid, while the final presentation of the 6 different projects was held at the Italian Embassy in Madrid.

The 6 projects are the following:

BICILISCA (a halfbike prototype)

VEIL (interactive textile)

B-SENSOR (medical responsive cushion)

BOWTIE (habitable emergency module)

VIAGGIO IN 5 SENSI (an interactive suitcase)

SCOPTACULA (Arduino Kaleidoscope)



The event is just the first step of the project promoted by the Italian Embassy of Madrid that will lead the projects to being exhibited at the Conde Duque Cultural Center in Madrid and at the Maker Faire in Rome.

List of FabLabs involved:

FabLab Opendot

Fab Lab Valencia

Fab Lab Lecce

Fab Lab Alicante

IAAC – Fab Lab Barcelona

Fab Lab Madrid

IKONO Institito de Investigacion Cultural

Makespace Madrid

Ateneus de Fabricació de Barcelona

Fab Lab Roma Makers

Fab Lab Cagliari

Fab Lab Leon

Tinkerers Lab



César García / CREFAB

Gianluca Pugliese / WASP Madrid

Massimo Menichinelli/IAAC | Fab City Research Laboratory

Masimiliano Casu / Curator del progetto Vivace

Aldo Sollazzo / Noumena, IAAC

Alessandro Ranelucci / Maker Faire Rome

Francesca Mereu / Fab Lab Cagliari

Alessandra Fasoli / Roma Makers

Nuria Robles / Fab Lab León

Ignacio Prieto / Fab Lab IED

José Pérez de Lama / Fab Lab Sevilla

Milena Orlandini / Tinkerers Lab (Castelldefels, Barcelona)



Francesca Conte / IAAC, Noumena

Eugenio Bettucchi / IAAC, Noumena



Enrico Bassi / FabLab Opendot

Manuel Martínez Torán / Fab Lab Valencia

Alfredo Guzmán / Fab Lab Valencia

Valentina Giusto / Fab Lab Lecce

Claudia Melissa Barbarito / Fab Lab Lecce

Cristian Rizzuti / IAAC-Fablab Barcelona

Borja Díaz Ruiz / Ruano Makespace Madrid

Elena Papetti / Fab Lab Roma Makers

Francisco Jesús Acién Pérez / Makerspace Madrid

Ricardo Mayor Luque / Ateneus de Fabricació de Barcelona

Francisco de Juanes / Fab Lab Alicante

Leandro Moreno / Fab Lab Alicante

Cristiano Pesca / WASP, Fab Lab Venezia

Alessandra Boi / Fab Lab Cagliari

Gian Paolo Troga / Fab Lab Cagliari

Javier Villaroel / Fab Lab IED Madrid

Raquél Buj / Fab Lab IED Madrid

Marta Verde / Fab Lab Madrid

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Martinez / IKONO Institito de Investigacion Cultural

Leonardo Zaccone / Roma Makers




30th March – 1st April 2017


MediaLab Prado


FabLab IED

The Italian Embassy


The Italian Embassy




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