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Engineering Design Tropisms – AA Visiting School & Angewandte Architecture Challenge Summerschool took place in Vienna from the 9th until the 17th of September. The course conducted a research into rule-based design systems, aiming to use algorithms as an integral part of the de sign process. Using bamboo rods as the primary material and robotic construct ion methods, the resulting pavilion was built as a full scale artifact at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
We were happy to be part of the Final Presentation jury with Stefan Rutzinger (SOMA) and Efilena Baseta (NOUMENA).

Directors: Andrei Gheorghe, Christoph Klemmt, Igor Pantic
Robotic specialist: Philipp Hornung
Teaching assistants: Vlad Cuc, Olivia Joikits, Atanas Zhelev, Viki Sandor
Students: Carlos Leodegario Rios Toto, David Ruesskamp, Tullio Polisi, Ayax Abreu Garcia, Alexandra, Ionesi, Leslie Baz, Rudolf Neumerkel, Karen Kuo, Andras Peter Domokos, Sorana Chiris, Alen Karic, David, Erich Kienpointner, Sibilla Bonfanti, Azra Suljkic, Iurii Suchak

Find more about the course here.

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