by noumanoid barcelona

The fifth edition of the ABG Sustainable Business Conference covered a wide array of topics, ranging from modern innovations and future-proofing to building sustainable brands and managing crisis

The event took place in Mumbai, India, was divided into two days 24th and 25th of September 2019 with an agenda that covered the views of industry experts and CEOs for interactive discussion panels among industry authorities, and a debate among future ABG leaders.

Aldo Sollazzo (CEO) Of Noumena was invited to participate as Speaker on the second day of the conference during the “Sustainable Manufacturing” session.

During the conference, Aldo talk about two topics “The Mainstreaming of technology” and “The significant applications towards sustainable solutions”

This year, the conference had a record of over 350 attendees, integrated of seniors and juniors managers along with key functional experts from all areas of the ABG Group. During the event, we sincerely discussed how to prepare for the future of innovation, business and sustainability.

Thank you to the ABG organization for the invitation.

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