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An integral part of bioTallinn is a two day international symposium entitled Polycephalum City on 14 –15 September 2017, hosted by TAB 2017. This major event features many of the artists, architects and scientists featured in this year’s Tallinn Architecture Biennale. Polycephalum City investigates the role of architecture in the current socio-ecological crisis, and calls for a critical reading of the current geological era, which scientists call the Anthropocene. Curated by the architect, urban designer and ecologist Claudia Pasquero, Head Curator of TAB 2017, the symposium challenges typical assumptions about what constitutes the boundary between natural and artificial realms.
Aldo Sollazzo, was one of the speakers of the symposium on Friday, 15th of September, presenting Noumena’s installation ‘ROBOTIC HABITATS’ focusing on robotics in construction.

Watch the lecture here.
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