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Maker Faire BCN conference is happening again on 17th and 18th June including many events. Aldo Sollazzo will participate in the Fashion Panel ”Embedding new digital and bio technologies in fashion”,  which will take place on Sunday 18th at  16.00-16.50h in Aula 2 of Caixa Forum (Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8, 08038 Barcelona). In the panel, together with Zoe Romano (We Make), Oscar Tomico (Elisava) and Anastasia Pistofidou (Fab Textiles) the topic of ubiquitous computing in garments and accessories as well as the presence of bio materials and on-demand production will be discussed.

The session will run for 50 min and can be structured as follows:
– Brief introduction of the session and the panelists by AnastasiaPistofidou
– Small presentation of each panelist introducing her/his work
– Free panel discussion /Q + A session open to the floor

Note: The event is for free but attendees would have to register in advance, since there are limited places.
Find the program of Maker Faire BCN here
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