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Maker Faire Rome 2017 – The European Edition 4.0 represents the greatest European event in which science, technology and creativity combines to create innovative ideas and entrepreneurial solutions for international makers and designers. As a part of ITmakes – The Fab Linkage project, Noumena participates to this debate, presenting developments in digital culture and 3d printing technologies.

ITmakES – The Fab Linkage is a project promoting networks of making between Italy and Spain, directed by the General Consul of Italy in Barcelona Gaia Dainese and coordinated by Aldo Sollazzo.

Within Maker Faire Rome conferences, 2 panels will be directed by Gaia and Aldo:
– Panel 1 “The social impact of making”
– Panel 2 “Making Interactions”

Attendance to the panels will be free of any charge.
Explore ITmakES exhibitor here.
For the program of Maker Faire Rome 2017 visit here.

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