by noumena


NERO | Costa Rica Social Innovation

Here we present an introductory video about our trip to ‪Costa Rica‬; mainly focused on the topic of ‪Precision Agriculture project and Environmental ‪‎Data ‪Analysis for ‪‎Future Food Production system Development. The main objective is to perform a ‪Technological Shift, together with the ‪‎community, allowing to ‪empower local technology and generating ‪ Social Innovation.

Costa Rica is the biggest pineapple exporter worldwide. It has 45,000 hectares of pineapple production. Since 2015, there has been growth of Production between 8 and 10%. But at the same time, this growth is creating serious problems in the agricultural sector. The flies from the stable stomoxys calcitrans is currently the most important pest of animal breeding worldwide. Through advanced drone technology & data analysis, “NERO – COSTA RICA”  can detect the risky areas in the pineapple cultivation, where the outbreak of flies occurs and guide management practices to these areas.


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