by noumena

Last two weeks Noumena | WASP Hub BCN hosted Alisa Andrašek and her recognizable Design.

After two years of research and analysis, Alisa Andrašek, famous Croatian-born architect, designer, researcher, and currently, Professor of the “Design Innovation Technology” at the RMIT University, has decided to prototype its products here in Barcelona in the WASP Hub using the WASP Delta 3MT Pellet extruder and LDM (liquid deposition modeling) Extruder.

“Long overdue! We designed this 2 years ago and it’s finally being printed in clay…” by Alisa Andrašek

80kg of Ceramic, 30kg of PLA Pellet, few hours of printing using our WASP Delta 3MT, for producing these beautiful pieces designed by Alisa Andrasek

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