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Making – Alternative design for factories.
Non Architecture competitions is an initiative composed into a series of nine competitions, organized in a time frame of three years. All competitions have their focus on finding innovative approaches to a specific architecture topic, always related to a functional issue. Emphasis is always pointed to non-traditional, and therefore non-architectural approaches to the architect’s work.
Noumena’s founding partner Aldo Sollazzo is part of the jury, for the MAKING’s category, together with Alex Hogrefe (founder of Visualazing Architecture and partner at Design Distill); and Laurent Rosset (creator of Lorystripes and architect at Cebra), they selected 3 winners and 12 honourable mentions from more than 100 subscribers.
The winning projects showed a variety of approaches, from extremely visionaries solutions, to more practical and business oriented strategies, going from a flying factory to machine that count the passing of time, from mobile factories that work with a simple click on an app to critique industrial presences.
This was the second of a series of nine competitions, oriented at pushing architects and designers to rethink traditional architectural typologies. In this case factories – intended as building or a group of buildings where goods are manufactured – have been reinterpreted by participants from all around the world. The challenge was to develop an unconventional design for a building to make, with absolute freedom of location, scale
and program dimensioning.

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