by noumena

Our first release of free and open source add-on of NERO | Networking Environmental Robotics is online on  Food4Rhino. NERO is a collaborative project lead by Noumena with the aim to develop systems and tools to translate different environmental conditions into data. As a part of this research, we present our first add-on “NERO” (V 0.6.2 beta)  plug in for Grasshopper, developed by Noumena.

NERO allows you to extract data from a single Image (JPEG format) and translate into Grasshopper and Rhinoceros interface. It allows you to visualize “Normalized Difference Vegetation Index” (NDVI) values from the each pixel of the image. NDVI is directly related to the photosynthetic capacity and hence energy absorption of plants. It also can be used for other scopes.

You can now download it, test it and give us feedback. Hope you’ll find useful!

Special thanks to Starsk Lara for the development of the main code and thanks to all people in the office who tested it in the past months.

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“NERO” Add-on for Grasshopper/Rhino3D