OPTIMA+ is an international competitive workshop that will take place in Cairo, Egypt and Barcelona, Spain. Participants will explore innovative design and prototyping techniques, NURBS Modeling, Optimization, and Fabrication strategies. Goal of the event is the construction of a 1:1 pavilion as result of all different processes.

The event will be split into two different stages: the first one focused on design will be host in Cairo. Students will participate to an internal competition for the design of a data responsive pavilion. A special jury will select two design proposals between all projects. In the second stage, the workshop will move to IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) in Barcelona, Spain. Here students will have direct access to all digital machinery of  Fab Lab Barcelona   in order to build their own design. 


The workshop allows participants to develop skills on computational design. According to the parametric design strategy, the building form should not be superimposed. An overview of building science and generative techniques will be provided to link form and performance. Participants will also gain insight on which computer tools are nowdays involved into the design process of built environments.
The computational approach enables designers and architects to overcome the imposition of a prefixed form in order to enhance performance-driven design. Lectures on parametric design, simulation and optimization tecniques, analysis and digital fabrication prototyping, are integrated into the workshop. 
OPTIMA+ will be divided into four main parts:
A- Tooling
Initially, the workshop introduces parametric modeling and design to participants, built the necessary skills for addressing the technical challenges of using analysis to inform design strategies.
B- Generative Strategies
Form behavior, analyzing and form finding design strategies, response to architectural, urban and environmental contexts. Material system behaviors will be digitally translated into parametric models. 
C- Optimization
applying practically through a hands-on experience in using cutting-edge simulation tools that will equip architects with metrics that support the design of project in surrounding spaces.
D- Fabrication and prototyping
The participants will learn how to prepare their designs to be fabricated by using laser cutter, 3d printer, CNC and related technologies.



Phase 1: starts the 1st of September in Cairo (think, design, compete, and prototype)
– participants will get lectures and tutorial on parametric design, modeling
– participants will be divided into groups and start an internal competition.
– each group will propose their optimized parametric pavilions fabricated in small scale 
– a selected jury will choose the best two pavilions as primary winners

 Phase 2: 3-7 November in Barcelona ( optimize, finalize, fabricate, and win)
– all participants will get advanced lectures and tutorial on algorithms and optimizations
– participants will get experiences on big scale fabrication
– the 2 pavilions will be fabricated in 1:1 scale by all participants
– final Jury will choose only one pavilion to win the competition.



Basic knowledge of Rhino and Grasshopper3d are requested.
– all participants will receive the list of softwares and plugins to install one week before the workshop.
– participants will get a specific documentation about the topics that will be covered during the seminar.



Aldo Sollazzo – M.Arch in Advanced Architecture,   Director of Noumena,  Manager of  Fab Lab Frosinone

Chirag Rangholia – M.Arch in Advanced Architecture,  Partner of Noumena

Mostafa Rabea – PhD Lecturer at Faculty of Engineering MSA University,  Co-founder of Algoritm,  Co-founder and Designer at Epocal Design Studio

Ahmed Hassab – Researcher at Algoritm, Teaching Assistant at Universite Francaise d’Egypte,  MSc Candidate at cairo University

Mostafa Magdy – Tutor at Algoritm,  Architect at Epocal Design Studio


1st phase: September 2014
2nd phase: November  2014

1st phase:  Algoritm, Cairo, Egypt
2nd phase: Green Fab Lab, Barcelona, Spain