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Barcode IXC – European Lounge & Brewery | Chandigarh, India

Lying in the heart of Le Corbusier’s well-planned city of Chandigarh, BARCODE-IXC is a breakthrough for the young and coeval generation. This 10,500 SqFt. lounge-bar and microbrewery offer an experience of two very distinct entities, one being the extensive green rooftop opening a vista to the city and the other being a cosy indoor area to balance the openness. Both of these are individualistic in terms of material palette and design tools. Introducing the avant-garde style of architecture in combination with the modern contemporary, we have tried to fuse together innovation and minimalism. To fulfill our ideology of human participation and indulgence, we exposed the space to intriguing installations, interactive bar-tops, customized furniture pieces and fluidic seating sets with a separate zone for live performances. Each of these experiences are results of computational design tools and digital fabrication strategies, which have been sculpted diligently, to instigate a feeling of relaxation and porosity amidst an ever-hustling cityscape.

Merging with the innovative minds from ‘CIPHER LAB’, our prime focus was to enhance the definition of a restaurant and introduce a functionally and aesthetically carved out de-stressing space for the city of Chandigarh. Hence this project is a collaboration between D3LAB  —an applied innovation design lab curated by Noumena in India, and Cipher lab—design studio based in Chandigarh, India. 

Video by The Last Bench Photographers. More photos and publications, coming soon!!

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