by noumena

Two members of our Noumena team, Aldo Sollazzo and Efilena Baseta, alongside Angelos Chronis (IAAC and Bartlett faculty & InnoChain PHD Candidate) are the newest contributors to IAAC Bits.

IaaC Bits is a collective container of knowledge and material stimulating, promoting and developing research in the diverse areas of advanced architecture through a multi-disciplinary approach on both a local and global scale.

The work developed by them focuses on soil contamination and treatment technologies. It consists in the exploration of possible implementations of physical computing, computational analysis and digital fabrication techniques in the design and optimization of an efficient soil remediation tsrategy using mycellium. It is the first step twoards a methodology for the development of an automated soil decontamination process, using an optimized bio-cell fungus seed that can be remotely populated using aerial transportation. It is mainly focused on the development of a methodology for capturing and modeling the growth of the mycellium fungus using photogrammetry based 3D scanning and computational analysis technique.

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