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RESHAPE15 | wearable technology competition 2015, has been established to promote research, education and production of digital ideas. The goal is to activate a prolific exchange of knowledge and information for the growth of an entire community joined by the love for innovation.

The Thrid place is awarded to Emmanouil Vermisso, Mate Thitisawat, Boutros Bou-Nahra and Heather Akers for their project CAROTID THERMO-REGULATOR from USA, the project is about reinventing the traditional neck Ruff as a liquid translator of bodily emotion. The idea resulting from the transformation of thermal data into graphic becomes an inherent ornamental quality of the piece.

Since our first exhibition at Maker Faire Rome, these projects have been published by many leading publications world-wide and now these projects are part of the exhibition «What’s next?»: Los materiales que darán forma al futuro at Materfad Barcelona.

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