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RESPONSIVE CITIES | Urbanism in the Experience Age Symposium

The first edition of the Responsive Cities Symposium, chaired by Areti Markopoulou, with program chairs Chiara Farinea and Mathilde Marengo, has just over with generating lot of interesting topics and discussion about architecture and urban cities.

It was a great event with fifteen outstanding keynote speakers, fifty-four international panelists and more than 400 visitors, held in Barcelona CaixaForum on the 16th and 17th of September.  Saskia SassenCarlo RattiPhilippe RahmJanet Sanz CidAreti Markopoulou, Tomás DiezAlbert CañigueralMariina HallikainenLydia KallipolitiMaíta Fernández-ArmestoMar SantamariaManuel GausaEthel Barona Pohl and Daniele Quercia were among the international speakers and panelists who met in Barcelona for this event.

The Symposium has been organized by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia as one of the main activities carried out under the Knowledge Alliance for Advanced Urbanism – KAAU, the EU co-funded project seeking to promote the innovative education and training that emerging technologies require.

Amongst many topics and beat about the  Urbanism in the Experience Age, Aldo Sollazzo (NOUMENA) with Ramon Prat (ACTAR) moderating topic about Digital and Social Data in the Responsive City with amazing speakers who has been working and developing project around Big data and open innovation; Mar Santamaria – Data City; Manuel Gausa – Resili(g)ent City; Ethel Baraona Pohl – Adhocratic City; Daniele Quercia – Sensory City; Tomas Diez – Fab City.

More information about the event; RESPONSIVE CITIES

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RESPONSIVE CITIES | Urbanism in the Experience Age Symposium