Rhinoceros workshop has been planned for architects who are familiar with cad programs, such as Autocad, but no perevious experience in Rhinoceros is required. After the workshop, all participants would not only be able to use Rhinoceros as beginners but as advanced users. Therefore, it is an intensive, dense course of 15 hours.
Starting from scratch, the students will have a detailed introduction about the characteristics of the program and its interface, and subsequently they will learn to design in both 2d and 3d as well as transforming their geometries.
The workshop consists of theoretical parts and exercises related to the theory. The final exercise of the course is to design a 3d building.
At the end of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to be introduced to two plug-ins of Rhinoceros. Firstly, Grasshopper, which is a visual programming software, and secondly, V-Ray, the render engine of Rhinoceros. An introduction in V-Ray lighting, materials and mapping will make the students capable of rendering in Rhinoceros and additionally produce files which are crucial for manipulating their renders in Photoshop.



The softwares that are going to be used during this workshop are Rhinoceros 5, Grasshopper, V-Ray and Photoshop. The students should have already installed all the necerssary software before the begging of the workshop.


The workshop will last for 5 days, including 3 hours of classes per day:

Day 1: Interface, introduction to 2d (points, curves) and transformations

Day 2: Introduction to 3d (surfaces, solids) and transformations

Day 3: Introduction to construction planes, layers and grasshopper

Day 4: Final exercise (design 2d and 3d of a given building)

Day 5: Introduction to V-Ray settings, lights, materials and mapping



Efilena Baseta  Partner of Noumena

Starsky Lara –  Senior  Architect of Noumena


09-13 December  2014

MOB, Barcelona, Spain