Located 600 meters from the Mediterranean Sea, the Social Innovation Incubator is designed with the intention to interact with the social, economical and natural environment. It is focused on helping to fight the unemployment crisis of Barcelona and uses the salinity of the Sea as an energetic tool to develop a project that generates opportunities and innovation. It is based on innovation as a transition to the new economic model where technology, communication and energy merge. It performs through an educational path and it sets in a revolutionary environment to give people a platform to innovate and create job opportunities.
The program is based on a Learning Methodology that provides tools and knowledge to innovate through multidisciplinary strategies in fast track education.
The building is generated by an aggregation process. The fractal growth of the structure demands lightness: the main frames are made of cardboard tubes and the stronger modules lay at the bottom and grow lighter to the top.
The different materials of the panels allow transparency, natural ventilation and contain the Mediterranean Power Tool which consists of a salt battery that gives energy to light sensors that open or close the panels in response to solar incidence. The salt water is obtained from the Mediterranean Sea which contains the ideal grade of salinity needed for activation of the battery.

Social Innovation Incubator


Barcelona, Spain

Enric Ruiz Geli,
Mireia Luzárraga Álvarez
Iker Mugarra Flores

Aldo Sollazzo
Alejandra Diaz de Leon
Robert Garita
Mauricio Valenzuela

IAAC |Self-Sufficient Buildings Studio