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It has been great experience working on the SUPERILLA PILOT project held in Poble Nou district of barcelona. The SUPERILLA Super-block) project claims the occupation of the public space by the people, to subvert the leading role that cars have had over the last 50 years. The project is part of the new Plan of Public Space and Mobility of District of Sant Martí, promoted and approved by the City of Barcelona.

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in collaboration with the Confederation of Architectural Workshops, took part to the Superillapilot project. The Horizontal Action was born in the framework of the Superilla project, with the aim of studying new forms of public space occupation. It started on September 5th, where different groups of students have designed and produced items from recycled materials, to encourage citizens to exercise their recovered rights in the public space. The Horizontal Action took place in the superblock comprised between carrer Tanger, Badajoz, Pallars and Llacuna, during 5th to the 22nd of September involving Atta33Transfolab, Nodo Design and Fab Lab Barcelona workshops amongst other.

Within this event, we organised the Active Public Space Barcelona Workshop, focusing on the principles, implications and applications of ICTs for urban space; Poblejoc, an interactive installation, has been designed as an Urban Game with the aim of activating public space.

All the urban furniture modules of the Poblejoc installation were developed during a one-week workshop tutored by IAAC & NOUMENA, where 16 international students designed and fabricated the wooden structures. A bench incorporating a tree, an urban orchard, a market stall, a ping pong table and a screen, all mobile (on wheels), are the elements that were positioned in the Sant Martí district. They can be moved by the users creating different configurations, reflecting the citizens’ desires in terms of design superblock public space, hence activating it.

The space configurations are mapped through the use of a NERO Drone, in order to extract data on the space dynamics.

The installation has been developed in the framework of APS Active Public Space, an EU co-founded project with the aim of developing knowledge on Active Public Space, in collaboration with Hyphen Labs, atta33 and NODO.

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