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Exploring the  arts and creativity in stimulating innovations and technologies with a human touch.

BOZAR and Aalto University invite experts from various scientific fields to work together with creative people, citizens, researchers and representatives of industry to develop future scenarios for wearable technology and fashion. Within these interactions, a central role is given to collaborative practices between the fields of arts, industry and research. 

Aldo Sollazzo CEO of Noumena was invited by the BOZAR organization to participate in the seminar.

The critical challenges for policies fostering sustainability is to transcend a narrow focus on innovation motivated only by growth. To respond to complex challenges, major changes in the mindsets of the actors are needed – towards a transdisciplinarity that closes the gap between different modes of thinking, new responsible social practices that help improve the encounters between human beings and technology, and revised to cultured urban and natural environments.

The seminar is part of a cultural events program marking Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the UE. It is co- organized by Aalto University, the Stars initiative of the European commission European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme and Bozar.

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