Before early 1800s, all clothing was custom made to fit individuals by tailors. When garment makers noticed that the range of human body dimensions was relatively small, they invented sizes to allow mass production of garments. However, in 2014 a survey from ModCloth shows that most plus-size women are dissatisfied from the current market sizes.

77%      “It is difficult to find well-fitting garments”
46%      “I never or rarely find flattering clothing”
49%      “I often need tailoring to get the right fit”

Nevertheless, the discomfort of current clothing  does not only derive  from the small variations of sizes but also from the existing lifestyle  where  users have to accomplish different  activities during the day.



What if  garments were not static but adjustable to  users’ preferences  giving importance to the human-apparel interaction? 


In the near future we foresee clothes being able to shape-shift during the day according to user’s different activities and environmental conditions. Unlike the majority of existing wearable projects, UNSIZED  intends to minimize electronics and insert smart materials instead. With shape memory materials and electronics knitted together in one unique cloth we can obtain an energy autonomous garment that can adjust to various inputs received by sensors. Heart rate, hormones level, temperature, humidity, light etc. can provide the garment with the data needed to trigger and fluctuate its transformation. Moreover, a user-friendly application can be provided in order to store these deformations and recall the particular designs any  time needed.


The preliminary  material research has been made in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC).
Past research team: Ece Tankal, Efilena Baseta, Ramin Shambayati
Current research team: Aldo Sollazzo, Ece Tankal, Efilena Baseta


booklet presentation:  http://issuu.com/noumenaweb/docs/150919_unsized
workshop with Shape Memory Alloys: https://noumena.io/?page_id=12431
paper on SMA and wearable applications: http://issuu.com/noumenaweb/docs/shape_changing_materials_workshop_p?e=9889453/35368106
booklet presentation of workshop: https://issuu.com/noumenaweb/docs/160506_scm_results/1
preliminary material research: http://cargocollective.com/efilenabaseta/Material-Research/Translated-Geometries