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Noumena in collaboration with IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny has been conducting a specialised workshop on the merging of new digital techniques with traditional dressmaking in bridal fashion at the latest Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. 

Under the name “Fusion where digital manufacturing techniques and new materials merge with hand-crafting tradition”, IED proposes a staging which will enable us to obtain first-hand knowledge of the most innovative materials and fabrics in the bridal industry, as well as the digital manufacturing techniques that are marking a before and after in the creative processes applied to design.

From Tuesday, 23rd April to Sunday, 28th April attendees will be able to find out what these new creative models consist of and, for example, why 3D printing could become a point of reference for the future of bridal fashion.

Craftsmanship and technology. A tandem in increasing demand for enriching the value of “hand-made” garments, bringing together two supposedly opposing methodologies.

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