by noumanoid barcelona

“In Barcelona is based one of the companies that are revolutionizing the design sector from the study of biomaterials. It’s call Noumena”

This is one of the phrase that Patricia Moreno Barberá mention in her recent article about fashion and sustainability for Vogue Spain magazine.

Aldo Sollazzo, was  invited to collaborate on the article, to talk about the new technologies and a new direction for the fashion industry, toward sustainability, efficiency and customization.

In the article Aldo presented, the most recent project developed by Noumena with the collaboration of Primlab. is a material technology with the property to mineralize CO2, NOx and reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Born from the collaboration of molecular biologists, computational designers, and manufacturing experts.

Thanks to Patricia Moreno Barberá and Vogue Spain for the article.



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