Noumena use data to inform strategic planning.


Since 2011, Noumena has developed practice integrating cutting-edge technology to study and analyze spatial behaviours. Founded by Aldo Sollazzo, Efilena Baseta and Chirag Rangholia, Noumena has been involved in multiple initiatives, from research to implementation, taking part in an international network of innovators and technology leaders.

Noumena mission is to develop metrics and instruments to empower decision-makers towards more efficient, resilient and sustainable spatial solutions. 


Spatial data analysis can be defined as an extension of conventional statistics designed to support analysts to spatiality describe how elements appear, finding clusters, patterns, and correlations. Spatial analytics is the process of extracting or creating new information about a set of geographic features to perform routine examination, assessment, evaluation, analysis or modeling of data in a geographic area.

In Noumena, we implement spatial metrics and advanced visualizations to better understand complex spatial dynamics. 


Today data is produced at an unprecedented rate. Nonetheless the increasing capacity of data storage is not balanced by an equal ability to analyze its contents

In this age of data expansion, novel extraction techniques must be introduced to describe spatial configurations. In Noumena, we use new forms of data in combination with computational approaches and robotic perception to offer a clearer insight into urban habitats, farming and manufacturing operations. 


Emerging technologies offer tools to inform spatial strategies, unveiling dependencies, common patterns, and associations through a data-based protocol of observation and analysis. Remote sensing, a data collection technique used by satellites, paired with computer vision and predictive modeling, represents a valid operational approach to establish the criteria to study, observe and analysis habitats, producing maps to enhance advanced planning strategies

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Aldo Sollazzo

Founder & Director

Aldo Sollazzo is the director of Noumena; Leading a multidisciplinary team towards the definition of new design strategies informed by tech-driven applications. At IaaC, he is directing the Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction. In 2019, he received the recognition of Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy.

Efilena Baseta

Co-Founding Partner

Efilena is an Architect Engineer with a Doctorate on the topic of transformable structures. Having collaborated with renowned architectural offices and institutions, she combines academic and professional experience in the fields of computation, new materials and digital fabrication.

Chirag Ragholia

Co-Founding Partner

Chirag focuses on computational design and emergent technologies, with expertise in digital design tools and advanced manufacturing by graduating Fab Academy. He is also founder of D3LAB x Noumena; an applied innovation design lab for advanced architecture practice in India.

Pau Bruguera

Operating Partner

Pau performed his career over the last 25 years in leading fast fashion retail companies. Currently, as an entrepreneur, he is known and considered in the European industry as expert in trends identification, product development, market analytics and fast fashion omni channel business models.

Eugenio Bettucchi

Civil Engineer

Eugenio is a civil engineer, expert in computational design and additive manufacturing. Involved in the ROMI project contributing to the development of autonomous mapping solutions. He is the project manager at La Máquina by Noumena.

Soroush Garivani


Soroush is a roboticist and researcher, interested in computer vision, AI and robotics. Currently develops data informed robotic systems focused on perception at Noumena as well as robotic systems focused on fabrication at IAAC.

Ariadna Wahab

Studio Manager

Ariadna has a Master’s degree in communication and project management at the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona, where she worked as a researcher. Ariadna has worked for Netflix and for Condé Nast in the field of communication

Florencia Arezzo

Fashion Tech Designer

Working with digital tools for the apparel industry. Graduated from Fashion and Textile Design and with a Master in Design, Technology and Innovation in Fashion she focuses on sustainable solutions for multidisciplinary environments.

Mauro Jannone

Sustainable Processes Expert

He is a Fab Lab Manager and consultant in Digital Fabrication and Additive Manufacturing. Expert in Sustainable Processes with experience Recycling. Graduated at Fab Academy in 2014 in Barcelona he is a trainer in Fusion 360.

Dídac Torrent

3D Printing Engineer

Dídac is a product designer and development engineer, enthusiastic about prototyping technologies and Design Thinking. Involved in Ateneus de Fabricació de Barcelona and other social projects. He is currently working at La Máquina by Noumena.

Oriol Arroyo

Electronic Engineer

Electronic Engineering student, with an interest in fields of computer vision, AI and robotics. Motivated to undertake new projects and contribute the maximum.  Oriol is currently working as an Intern at Noumena.

Francesco Polvi

Architect and Researcher

Francesco is an architect, expert in computational design and 3D printing at Noumena. He holds a Master in Architecture from the University of Trieste, a Master in Advanced Architecture, and a Postgraduate in OTF-3DPA from IAAC.


our companies

La Máquina by Noumena is a cutting edge advanced manufacturing center, working to scale up novel solutions for the 3D printing industry. Developing projects that utilize a wide range of materials and innovative printing techniques; challenging the capability of additive manufacturing to deliver new protocols of construction; Reshaping tradition and innovation.

Reshape is a platform promoting research, design and production of digital ideas, exploring implications and applications of technology in our society. Representing an international community of designers, makers and customers inspired by innovation, Reshape intends to establish a new worldwide network of ideas and creativity able to shift the production paradigm.

WEARPURE.TECH is an advanced polymer integrating CO2pure, a 100% natural mineral compound, with the property to mineralize primary greenhouse gases polluting the air we breathe. Can adsorb and neutralize CO2, NOx, and VOCs converting them into environmentally friendly minerals. It has several phases of action, by catalysis, photocatalysis, carbonation and nitrification.

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