Noumena is a tech company implementing data-informed solutions for spatial analytics and strategic planning.


Noumena Data

Noumena is a tech company implementing data-informed solutions for spatial analytics and strategic planning. We use computer vision and machine learning towards more sustainable, resilient, and efficient spatial solutions.


LAMÁQUINA is part of the Noumena group and offers services for architecture, interior and product design and retail and commercial sector that range from concept engineering, using advanced computational design tools, to advanced manufacturing, rapid prototyping, 3d mass customization production pre-assembly test, assembly on-site and assistance until the correct delivery of the project is certified.


Pure.Tech is a company committed to driving sustainability and environmental conservation through the use of exceptional materials. Our core mission centers around a remarkable formula with the extraordinary ability to absorb and eliminate CO2 from the air.
This natural material is the cornerstone of our eco-friendly solutions across various industries.