Aldo Sollazzo

Founder & CEO

Aldo Sollazzo is an Italian entrepreneur and technologist with expertise in the fields of robotics, computer vision, and computational design. He currently holds the role of CEO at Noumena Group, a consortium of companies dedicated to innovation and sustainability.

At Noumena Data, Aldo leads a team focused on leveraging artificial intelligence to study spatial dynamics. Through the implementation of computer vision and machine learning, Noumena Data provides valuable insights into sectors ranging from agriculture to urban planning, retail, and hospitality.

Aldo’s leadership extends to PURE.TECH, a company within Noumena Group that champions sustainability driven by material technology. PURE.TECH approach centres on a natural material with the capacity to absorb and eliminate CO2 from the environment. This material is the foundation for a range of eco-friendly products, including paints, textiles, carton materials, wood varnishes, and cement coatings.

Aldo serves as well as CEO at LAMÁQUINA, one of Europe’s largest 3D printing factories. This facility is at the forefront of advanced manufacturing and computation, pushing the boundaries of architectural solutions, especially in retail and exhibition spaces.

Beyond his corporate roles, Aldo directs the Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya in Barcelona, where he plays a vital role in nurturing the next generation of innovators. His commitment to scientific and technological progress has earned him recognition and honours, including the prestigious title of Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy, bestowed by the Italian President for his contributions to promoting national prestige abroad. Aldo Sollazzo’s journey is a testament to the possibilities of innovation and sustainability.

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Aldo Sollazzo - Noumena Founder & CEO